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About us Senhau

About us Senhau


Company philosophy

Our slogan: public confidence in charity lotteries Network.

Our business philosophy: timely, comprehensive, professional and authoritative.

Our values: integrity, professionalism, hard work, cooperation.

Our mission:The service sector: providing the public with online professional services Lottery.

Service to the community: a communicator and executor of public welfare.

Our goal:.

  • The world's largest Chinese Online lottery.
  • The maximum range of the spread of public service media platform.
  • Most standardized and secure lottery ticket purchasing transaction services.
  • The world's largest lottery entertainment community.


Senhau Introduction

Senhau ( ), founded in 2012, is Beijing based online lottery. After 2 years of development, has become one of China most played online lottery with more than 1 millions registered users with its unique lottery.

Over the past decade, lotteries net accumulated rich experience in Internet operations, with strong technical service capabilities. With the development of Internet technology, followed by the potential development of the Lottery net "triple play" of mobile Internet, the effort to build:


Media influence

Matching Network brings together a large loyal user base and a huge influence, is stable multimedia news broadcast platform, and with the central-level media, a number of major Internet portals and traditional media to carry out in-depth cooperation, a strong media campaign camp , with extensive industry experience, mature operating team to provide media services.


Industry Portal

Relying on a huge industry website clusters, lotteries network will extend the business to e-commerce, online games and other fields, to carry out lotteries mall, Lottery games and other services, and to provide construction site hosting, paperless sale of color systems development, training platform construction and other services.


Mobile Lottery

In recent years, win the lottery network will extend to the mobile Internet business focus area network via WAP lotteries, lotteries net mobile client, wireless SP and other forms, to provide users Lottery, industry information, messaging services, mobile tools and software downloads wireless integrated services.


Lottery Video

As the only lottery welfare lottery live online media, lotteries to build a strong network with industry characteristics of video services, in addition to exclusive live video lottery, will be extended to the next line of network video, video programs in several provinces to provide planning, content output and other services.


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